The Basic Casino Table Etiquette

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Slot Game Indonesia Casinos expect a decorum of behaviour when the players are at a game table. Regardless of whether you are a professional player and visit the casino regularly or a beginner, there are specific table manners that you have to follow. Here are some table manners that are typically observed in all casinos.

General Table etiquettes:

  1. Be polite: The casino is filled with people, and when you are in a situation like this, it goes without having to say that general manners of speaking and behaving has to be followed. A respectful hello, a polite please and a thank you while talking to other players or to the casino crew, including the waitress and the dealer has to be said while talking.
  2. Don’t interrupt the dealer: Dealers in a casino are always under surveillance. The dealers are trained and have to follow a process while dealing in any game. Don’t interrupt the dealer’s dealing or give him money or try to do anything that would jeopardise the dealer.
  3. Do not give the dealer any money: The jobs of all the crew members in the casino are defined. The dealers cannot take any money, and if you give the dealer money, it might lead them to trouble.
  4. Be seated: Once you have started playing at a table, do not leave the seat again and again. Even if you want to buy yourself a drink, do not leave the place. Get the drinks from the waitresses who are doing rounds to serve drinks to the players. You can even place your orders with them. This is a simple etiquette followed so that the dealers and the players do not get distracted.
  5. Do not use your phone at the table: A casino is always very strict about using mobile phones and gadgets for security reasons. There is a strict vigil in any casino. To avoid any security issue, one should not use their phones at the table. This is done to prevent cheating, to avoid the recording of the games in the casino, and to ensure that there is no vital information being passed through phones. Avoid using mobile phones to keep yourself away from troubles and investigation of illegal activities.
  6. Be at-par with the table’s pace: While you are playing, it is essential to keep up with the pace of other players and not take your own sweet time to place the bet.

The etiquettes, as mentioned earlier, maintain the decorum of the casino. Not following these etiquettes makes the player undesirable in the casino and creates a bad impression.

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